Post: Manchester City will offer £ 20 million for Sanchez in January

Post: Manchester City will offer £ 20 million for Sanchez in January
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Manchester City will offer Sanchez again in January next year, but the amount is only 20 million pounds. Sanchez had the opportunity to join Manchester City at £ 60 million before the transfer window was closed, but because Arsenal had failed to sign his successor, they offered a £ 92 million offer for Le Mare, and Sanchez’s transfer was blown. Sanchez and Arsenal’s contract has entered the last year, in January next year can be free and other teams contacted, he may be melon handsome in Manchester City reunion. Arsenal’s management and players are tired of Sanchez’s chaos, and Chile on Tuesday 0-1 loss to Bolivia, into the World Cup is slim. Saturday’s Arsenal match with Bournemouth, Sanchez will be expected to appear on behalf of Arsenal starting. Arsenal this game has been unable to lose, if lost in 4 rounds of 3 games, Wenger’s handsome position will be unstable. Arrears commission, public relations company will Arsenal defender Chambers sued the court – Trade, global trading platform
Hugo September 7 hearing Arsenal defender Chambers due to a dispute with his former PR firm, will be with the company on the thin court. The company sued Chambers to court that Chambers had not paid the commission to the company after signing and Nike’s contract, and that he had defaulted on some public relations activities. The company claims that Chambers owes more than £ 60,000, including interest and other charges. Chambers spent a bad transfer period, he failed to join the Crystal Palace or Leicester City, the new season to get more opportunities to play is also very difficult. The public relations company in Chambers from Southampton after joining Arsenal, began to cooperate with him, but later parted ways. Chambers has not played this season, and last season, he was rented to the Middlesbrough, played 24 times. (Click to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


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