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NFL 18 Tigers Line Weber Fickert believe that their impact is legal – NFL Rugby Field
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NFL 18 Tigers line Weibo Fickert believe that the impact of their own legitimate by the TDL_Flamen NFL rugby NFL that the Tigers line Vitale – Bo Fei Kete (Vontaze Burfict) on the chief defender Anthony – Sherman (Anthony Sherman) The collision violates the rules. But Burfield and his head coach Marvin Lewis disagreed. & Ldquo; this is the rule allowed. “You can hit the catcher in five yards, but you can not hit the helmet and neck,” said Burke Ketter, US time on Tuesday. I hit the chest range, ah, maybe they have any opinion on me. “Lewis said:” As long as the quarterback did not pass, which is in line with the rules. ” The player is running in front of Peterfield, both in their own position, he did not run from the other side of the court, there is no blind side at all. But Burke’s knock on Sherman did not seem to be necessary because the chief quarterback Alex Smith had passed the ball to the front. NFL 18 San Francisco 49 people near the end of McDonald’s deal to Steelers – NFL Rugby Fields (NFL)
NFL 18 San Francisco 49 people close to the end of McDonald’s deal to Steelers by bigblue_nyg · NFL football field Pittsburgh Steelers have introduced an athletic ability to close the front end. Steelers sent the 2018 draft fourth round of the draft pick to get the San Francisco 49 people near the front Vance – Mike Donald (Vance McDonald) and 49 people 2018 draft fifth round pick. Steelman Mike Tomlin told reporters that the reason why the introduction of MacDonald in part because the team near the front position of the current “can not continue to have a leading player.” In the four years of the effectiveness of 49 people, Mike Donald starting 30 games, completed 64 times the ball to get 866 yards 7 touchdowns. The first two rounds of the show in December last year with 49 people signed a five-year $ 35 million contract renewal. 49 new management has been trying to trade him, and now they finally succeeded. 49 people are currently in the vicinity of the front position has been to the coaching staff left a deep impression of the rookie George – Kitte (George Kittle), Logan – Paulson (Logan Paulson), Garrett – Seleke (Garrett Celek ) And Blake Bell (Blake Bell). The excellent Steelman attack team has upgraded the urgently needed position before the start of the season, adding a close-knit that could enhance the ability to catch the ball. McDonald should immediately compete with Jesse James (Jesse James) competition time. NFL 18 Bill will be the second year line guard Reggie – La Grande deal to chiefs – NFL football field
NFL 18 Bill will be the second year line guard Leigi – La Grande deal to chiefs by bigblue_nyg · NFL rugby Buffalo Bill to continue to clean up the unwanted players. (Click to buy Madden NFL 18 Coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Monday they will be the last two rounds of the line Reggie – Lagrange (Reggie Ragland) deal to the Kansas City Chiefs, in exchange for the 2019 draft fourth round pick. Because of the knee anterior cruciate ligament tearing the absence of the rookie season La Grande is considered not suitable for Bill coach Sean McDermott (Sean McDermott) new defense. Most of the time in the summer Bill was trying to trade La Grande but did not find a satisfactory transaction price. The LaGrande, selected in the Rex Ryan era, will now play for Bob Sutton, chief defender coordinator. The latter and Ryan as a variety of 3-4 defense system. Sutton once worked as a linebacker coach and Ryan at the New York Jets. Inside Bill has made a huge change. McDermott has been trying to change the culture of the Ryan era. The new general manager, Brandon Beane, had cleared the mark of his former management, taking over from Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby ) Trade out. In the league, for the new coach and general manager, such a drastic change has become normal, after the Philadelphia Eagle and Cleveland Brown have had a similar thing. Bill had enough players in the quarterback and had enough veterans in the team to help them stay steady, but a few months ago they focused on creating a brighter future, on which they could not Back.


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