Gis Dole: It’s hard to find N-Muller’s picks so fast

Gis Dole: It’s hard to find N-Muller’s picks so fast.
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The Bundesliga league in the two rounds after entering the national team match week, by two points in the game to get 6 points, the Hamburg team became the national team match day intermittent Bundesliga standings only Of the four teams have not lost points. After some of the players were summoned by the national team, the rest of the players in Hamburg were still practicing regular training, and they also visited the boxing hall. Gis Duoer said Hamburg; now in the team of young boys to complete the orderly training. Hamburg coach Gis Duoer in an interview with reporters on the season set sail, the transfer window before the closure of possible personnel changes and the players involved in boxing training and other issues. Talk about the team’s atmosphere after the start of the season: I’m sure everyone will be happy at the beginning of the season. Our fans, players and staff should be happy. The team’s atmosphere is very positive, which is good for all the participants. At the same time, we should not be too excited, but to properly deal with this situation. We should not set too high expectations for the next games, and everyone in our team can analyze the situation well. Transfer window before the staff changes: I will not mention a player name or evaluation of those rumors, because it is meaningless. For Mu Le injured his replacement after we have had a clear statement. The transfer market is about to close, you need a very good luck to find the same as the magic of the team for the signings. When you invest so much money into the time, luck should not be the primary factor. This transfer must be perfect for the team. We are doing well in trusting the existing lineup and giving the boys the time to let them go for progress. And there are some things happening in our team, which is the most important. Talk about the boxing team: When the league has such an intermittent period now, you have the opportunity to feel the other sports. Boxing is very hard, the boys should also be careful not to break the nose, they should be in another way to carry out the strength of training. I used to lead other teams to carry out such boxing training, the boys are very excited to participate in them, because they can also get different experiences in boxing. Talk about the anti-axis of the Walla and Ekdal: (Click to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
They both are doing very well, in fact, can be seen in the training, we can obviously move forward a big step forward. And the capacity can also be a little bit to restore the state to catch up, he participated in the European youth late for a period of time. I can say with confidence that soon he can also help the team well, no matter where it is. I now hope that everything is developing smoothly, Eckhard can also be healthy from the national team back. Nicholas-Muller, who was wounded to celebrate the goal, I sent him a text message shortly after his operation, but I did not talk to him face to face. It is normal to feel the pain after you have finished the surgery. You have to wait for it to wait, but the player has started to move in the right direction. There is still a difficult way to go before Muller. But I believe that with the support of our medical department, he will steadily move forward and then return smoothly.


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