Ask: how to watch nfl players of the team’s big list and player data?

Ask: how to watch nfl players of the team’s big list and player data? NFL Rugby Field – NFL 18
Ask: how to watch nfl players of the team’s big list and player data? Published by the eye opening kyrie at the NFL 18 · NFL football field as the title. From NFL 18Android client NFL 18 San Francisco 49 people cut veteran center Jeremy Zuta – NFL Rugby Field – NFL 18
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NFL 18 San Francisco 49 people cut veteran center Jeremy Zoo by bigblue_nyg published in San Francisco 49 people starting center position competition after 10 training ended. Start of training camp less than two weeks, 49 people on Wednesday laid off center Jeremy – Zuta (Jeremy Zuttah), he had been considered and will be Daniel – Killgore (Daniel Kilgore) to compete. 49 people in March this year with the Baltimore Ravens traded for the Mowu Zuta, the two teams also exchanged their sixth-round pick (Ravens get the first pick in the draft 186, 49 people get the first pick in the draft 198). Zuta was selected for the professional bowl last season, and he had had a 49 style in a similar offensive system to play the experience, which makes him look very suitable for 49 people. 31-year-old Zuta in the first six seasons of life for the Tampa Bay pirates, served as guard and center. He then played for the races for three seasons. He only served as a center when he was in the crow. He played a total of 131 games in his career, starting 117 games. After the Zuta left, 49 people will make Kilgor as starter, veteran Tim – Barnes (Tim Barnes) as a substitute. Barnes in the offseason this year to join 49 people, after he played for the Los Angeles ram. Source: NFL Chinese official website [Pittsburgh Steelers News Express] August 11: off the war giant look forward, three B absence, new appearance – NFL football field – NFL 18
[Pittsburgh Steelers News Express] August 11: fighting off giant forward, the three B absence, rookie debut published by AlexdaYG in the NFL 18 · NFL football stadium August 11 Pittsburgh Steelers News Ticker: fighting off giant forward, the three B absence, rookie debut in less than three hours of time, the Pittsburgh Steelers will open the preseason journey of the season in new Jersey – they will be in Beijing on the 12th morning 7:00 challenge the new York giants. The game, the team’s absolute main quarterback “Ben Ben” (Ben Roethlisberger) and take over Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) and will not play. As for the “three B” combination of another member – runaway Levy – Bell (Le’Veon Bell), he still angrily refused to participate in the team training camp. July 17 deadline has passed more than 20 days, Bell has lost and Steelers signed a long opportunity, but he still did not sign his franchise tag. Even if the $ 12 million annual salary of the tag contract for a year is Bell’s only choice before 2018, he is still using the way to express the dissatisfaction with the team. Two days ago the August 9, according to the “Pittsburgh Post-Gazette” reported the team general manager Kevin – Colbert (Kevin Colbert) has also publicly expressed his dissatisfaction Bell: “In my opinion, strike Training for him no good. “But as of now, Bell has not yet returned to the short-term signs of the team. Or August 9, General Manager Colbert in an interview mentioned 35-year-old Big Ben: “I hope he can stay for another year, but we have to do [without him] ready.” Today, Steelman’s rookie quarterback Joshua Dobbs (Joshua Dobbs) will appear in the preseason debut. The game, Big Ben and Landry Jones (Landry Jones) will not play, Dobbs will get at least two of the playing time. He said, as a qualified quarterback, (Click to buy Madden NFL 18 Coins Mobile,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
“you need to master the tactical.” In order to prepare for this game, Dobbs also received more training time. Ability from the training point of view, he used physical ran out of the pocket of a spectacle, but the ball still need to improve; I hope he can enhance familiarity with this tactic through the game, and the degree of understanding and his teammates, so Make the pass more stable. The game, Steelers of the entire second line is expected to not play defense. Artis Burns was injured in the body, two first security guard Sean Davis and Mike Mitchell also expected not to play because of injury. Rookie Killer Cameron Sutton is also injured in the training end. So Mike Hilton and Coty Sensabaugh two substitute corner will become the biggest surprise. Although the second-line wounded soldier, but a show of TJ Watt and last year’s final show Tyler Matakevich line Wei group status is good. Substitute defensive edge Alualu and L.T. Walton can bring the number of bench for the depth of the regular season, will also see the outcome tomorrow. Offensive, offensive striker and takeover group of the depth of the replacement is the biggest suspense. The main center Pang Xi (Maurkice Pouncey) injured in the body, the bench center B.J. Finney and 2016 rookie left Jerald Hawkins is expected to start appearances. JuJu Smith-Schuster, the second-round rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster, chief manager of the team, last year’s six-round show Ayers, has gradually lost the location of the Coates and the new aid Justin Hunter – also A focus. In addition, although the receiver Martavis Bryant has been lifted, but to see him back to the stadium, at least until the second week of the preseason. This year’s three-round show, Pittsburgh local star James Conner has not yet come back from injury.


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