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On August 24, the famous journalist John Klaus revealed that Ozil received the offer without Sanchez, so he could choose to renew his contract with Arsenal.
The second round of the Champions League playoff season, Liverpool vs Hoffenheim, the first 62 minutes of the FIFA 18 , Henderson backcourt after the cross in the restricted area cross, the back to keep up with the Philipino push Empty the door to seal the victory. After the goal, Philmino came to an improvised dance celebration. (Editor: Admiral Pan Feng) Araba: Sangsisi great potential, the future of a bright – Trade, global trading platform
In a recent interview, Bayern defender Alba spoke of teammate Sangsis, and Alabha believed that Sangsies had a bright future. In an interview with Sport1, Alabha said: Sanches has a bright future. He is a very good player, he has demonstrated in the European Cup proved himself. He has great potential. Before Zanzisi has been associated with Serie A AC Milan club, which Alabha said: for him the best choice should be to listen to their own feelings. In addition, Alba talked about the new presidency Sali Hamidic before the ban on the team, which Alababa said: I think this is positive, we are professional players, our schedule is very intensive. Everyone knows what to do as a professional player. (Editor: Lu Zi Cheong) Champions League 32 full debut, tonight will be the group stage draw – Question and Answer on Alibaba Welcome to
NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Champions League playoffs ended all the bouts this morning. Count the end of yesterday’s session, through the play-off promotion of the 10 team places all identified. They are respectively, Karabakh, Greeks, Olympiakos, Celtic, Maribor, Sevilla, Moscow CSK, Naples, Liverpool, Portugal. At this point, the Champions League group stage of the file situation is also clear, this year’s Champions League group match, a total of five Premier League players, Chelsea appeared in the first file, Manchester City Hutch second gear, Liverpool and Tottenham third gear. The first battle of the Champions League Bundesliga RB Leibi Xi into the fourth gear. Champions League group draw ceremony will be held in Beijing on Friday at 0:00, when UEFA will also announce last season UEFA best player, best striker, best midfielder, best defender, the best goalkeeper and the European Best player. The first file: Real Madrid (Spain), Bayern Munich (Germany), Chelsea (England), Juventus (Italy), Benfica (Portugal), Monaco (France), Moscow Sparta (Russia), Daynesk Miners (Germany), Sevilla (Spain), Manchester City (England), Porto (Portugal), Manchester United (Germany), Manchester (Spain), Manchester (Spain), Porto (Portugal) England), third place: Naples (Italy), Tottenham (England), Basel (Switzerland), Olympiakos (Greece), Anderlecht (Belgium), Liverpool (England), Rome (Italy) (Turkey) Fourth, the Celtics (Scotland), the Moscow Central Army (Russia), the Portuguese Sports (Portugal), the Greek Athletics (Cyprus), Feyenoord (Netherlands), Maribor ( Slovenia), Karabakh (Azerbaijan), RB Leipzig (Germany) (Editor: Admiral Pan Feng) (Click to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


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