Lukaku is the first two rounds of Manchester United play the best player

Lukaku state is good

Recently, a number of media reports that Manchester United is about to sign a formal work contract with Ibrahimovic, ESPN is released the “Swedish tower this week to return to Old Trafford” insider message, it now appears that the Red Devils will be with this The legendary shooter continues the front. England marshal, “Daily Mail” columnist Alan – Pardou wrote that even if Ibrahimovic returned to the old Trafford stadium, Lukaku’s main position is still not be shaken. However, Lukaku must learn more from Ibrahimovic.

According to Pardo’s statement, “Lukaku is the first two rounds of Manchester United play the best player, before the outside world as the Red Devils number center, his performance is also fully proved that he is fully equipped to become the team is pioneer However, Lukaku still needs to learn from Ibrahimovic, only then, this Belgian striker striker is likely to achieve a higher professional height.

Patu’s argument is not unreasonable. In the first two rounds of Lukaku shot three goals, his performance can not say good, but we absolutely can not ignore the fact that only in the case of enough space, Lucca can play a personal Of the highest level; and once caught in the other side of the surrounded, the Belgian striker seems to be unable to display their fist. To be sure, in (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the next Manchester United against a strong team, the other party will certainly make every effort to compress Lukaku can get the space, which will certainly affect his play. In this respect, Lukaku does need to learn from Ibrahimovic.

Ibrahimovic is pen huge wealth

Pudd concluded: “Ibrahimovic is a very smart player, he can in a small space with his teammates played a fine 2 over 1 match, he can opponents in the opponent firmly under the control of the ball at his feet, These are Lukaku need to improve the way. ‘Little World of Warcraft’ is the most important signings of Manchester United this summer, but he is still in some technical details need to uncompromising attention.If Lukaku only know that the use of their super The physical quality of the words, then his ability to limit the upper limit is now the case.

If Manchester United is really able to work with Ibrahimovic to repair the old words, then the center position, Mourinho will have a good rotation, which is a blessing for the Red Devils. “If Manchester United signed Ibrahimovic later this week, then Lucca was able to breathe a sigh of relief because the tower was able to share the pressure of his goal.” In my opinion, , Lukaku and Ibrahimovic can even assault together; even Mourinho has always insisted on playing a single center play, in such a long season, Lukaku also need to get a certain rest and rotation, Ibrahimovic, Mu Rinho can rest assured that the arrangements for the Belgian ‘Little World of Warcraft’ rest.

Gleeszman complained that La Liga is not male Manchester United fans: 7 waiting for you
Last season, the new season La Liga hit, Atletico 2-2 draw off Girona, while the first single-team leader striker Gleeszman was still in the game was sent off. After (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the game, the French striker suspected to vent the dissatisfaction with the referee.

Gleeszman complained that La Liga is not male Manchester United fans: 7 waiting for you



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